Since its origination 3000 years ago as a military tool, kite flying has undergone a revolution; nowadays it’s the talked-about new holiday hobby enchanting all ages.

Mastering this popular pursuit is made easier with the articles on this website.

With its emphasis on how ypu can have a go and what you should expect, novices will find this practical reference guide essential. From spars to sailcloth, all the equipment you will need is covered in detail, as well as how to maintain it.

Whether you want to fly your kite at the beach on holiday, or in the park on a Sunday afternoon, water-relaunchable and land-based kites are included.

This website aims to offer a clear guide through setting up, launching, landing and packing up your kite, as well as basic flying skills and how to use the ‘wind window’ effectively, whether flying with a bar of handles. For more seasoned kiters, there is a basic skills section on advanced techniques like kitesurfing, landboarding and buggying.

Packed full of fantastic information, this website is sure to have any would-be kite flyers reaching for the sky.