Kite Insurance Protection & Liability Issues To Consider

Third-party insurance is a must for traction kiting in case anything goes wrong. Even if you are the most safety-conscious flier, you can still be caught out by random joggers appearing out of nowhere with energetic dogs who love to chase moving objects. The easiest way to go about getting the right insurance is to register with a national body, such as BKSA (British Kitesurfing Association), or AKA (American Kitefliers Association), or to join a club such as the BBC (British Buggy Club). Many designated kite zones will not allow you to fly power kites unless you have third party insurance.

Fitness and strength

Insurance companies will cover you financially after accidents have happened. This is important. Arguably more important is making sure you are fit enough to take part in the first place. Whilst most single-line kite flying requires the minimum in terms of strength and fitness, some stunt, and all power kiting, demand that you have a reasonable degree of strength, fitness and coordination. Make sure you can hold on to the kite you have chosen should a gust pick it up. Don’t consume alcohol before before kite flying. Make sure you can swim well in open water if you are kitesurfing. Make sure you have warmed up your muscles, as you will undoubtedly use parts of your body which have been lying dormant for a while.

Children can take part in flying kites and all the related kite sports, because you can easily adapt the size of the kite to suit their size and strength. However, sending your six-year-old out into raging seas with a kite and board may be a bit over the top. Children under seven will find it hard to hold on to even small power kites, and to employ the coordination needed for most power kite sports, but can still fly single-line and stunt kites. This is not to say that under-sevens should be excluded from kite sports as there are certainly exceptions.

Just apply a bit of common sense and recognise that kite flying is a sport and not simply a walk in the park.