Kiting Protective Gear – What You Need To Stay Safe

Even though you can minimise the risk to yourself by using a bit of common sense when flying a kite, it is a good idea for recreational kiting to wear some protective clothing. It is essential if you intend to add to the equation any hard materials such as a board or buggy, as these hurt if you throw your head against them when your kite suddenly gets the better of you.

Investment in the following is highly advised:

Helmet – lightweight, inexpensive and a real life-saver if your kiteboard pings back on its leash and hits you on the head.

Knee and elbow pads, and other body armour for land-based traction kiting.

Gloves are a good idea to prevent calloused-hand syndrome, and are also useful as protection against lines which can cause bad cuts.

Flotation aid/impact vest for water-based traction kiting.

Warm and waterproof ski/board clothing for snowkiting.

Sun cream – even when it’s cloudy.

Long-sleeved tops and trousers cover your skin to prevent any abrasive action if your kite does get the better of you and drags you across land.

Don’t forget to empty your pockets – landing on a bunch of keys hurts!