Category: Flying Skills

Kite flying is not hugely taxing, but there is a fair bit to learn, which takes time. For traction sports like kitesurfing or buggying, you do need your flying skills to become second nature if you are to gain anything more than frustration.

Don’t jump straight in with a board in one hand and a kite in the other. Wait until you can almost land a kite with your eyes shut.

Learning about the wind first with a single-line kite is a good idea, then fly a sports kite as these are easier to launch and relaunch. Having a go at ‘Sky Fly’ (hanging suspended on a huge pole and flying about behind your kite), if you can find a centre that has the necessary equipment, is fantastic fun and really helps you to appreciate the wind window. Even if you are reasonably proficient at controlling a sports kite, you will still need to start small with traction kites.