Category: Kite Sports

The simple rule of adding wind to many activities involving fast movement has resulted in several fantastic kite sports. The development of the technical knowledge as well as appropriate materials to create traction kites has paved the way for these sports.

The best-known kite sports are kitesurfing (riding on a surfboard in water being pulled by a kite), kite buggying (riding on land in a three-wheeled buggy pulled by a kite), and kite landboarding (riding on a skateboard on land being pulled by a kite). Others include ‘scudding’ where the flyer is dragged about on his feet, and ‘body dragging’ where she is dragged about in water. Kite skating, snowkiting, kite skiing and kite kayaking are some of the lesser-known high adrenalin games to play!

This section discusses just a few of the most popular sports and offers guidelines for how to get started.